Turmeric Oil & Hydrosol Benefits

Over 1,500 peer reviewed scientific studies on turmeric have been published to Pubmed.  


Many of the studies reveal the benefits of turmeric extract, curcumin on human ailments.  Unfortunately, curcumin is quite difficult for the human body to assimilate.   Recent studies are also revealing the beneficial results of distilled whole turmeric oil as well as other water soluble components to be safe, effective and readily assimilable.

Sanctuary of Mana Ke`a Essential Oil Hydrosol is free of the deep yellow/orange color of curcumin and can be applied topically on the skin, misted into the mouth or as a nasal spray application.  These delivery methods are quite effective as they go directly into the bloodstream circumventing the typical swallow a pill and wait hours for digestion to breakdown, absorb and eventually assimilate only 20% of the original product.

Please take the opportunity to experience one of the best natural products in the market.


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