Trinity Gold

TrinityGoldWebThe mechanism of action of each of these TRINITY GOLD components offer the foremost efficacy within the botanical kingdom. Hawaiian-grown Turmeric, known as ‘Olena, is believed to be one of the two dozen or so plants brought to Hawai`i by early Polynesian settlers in their voyaging canoes.

‘Olena’s scientific botanical name is Curcuma Domestica. It is best known throughout the world as Turmeric, and is a member of the ginger family. ‘Olena is rarely found in Hawai`i today. It grows in cultivation and in the wild in moist forested valleys, up to altitudes of 3000 feet, preferring shade, yet able to tolerate heat. On the United States Government sponsored peer review website,, Turmeric is the most extensively researched botanical in the world. There are over 6,000 studies on over 600 human ailments. Turmeric and its copious beneficial properties is the perfect base for our TRINITY GOLD immune enhancing formulation.TrinityRackCardBACKweb