Rosemary Essential Oil Mist


Rosemary fights the mutating effects of radiation. British Journal of Radiology published the results of a Spanish study that discovered the chemical compounds found within rosemary are significantly more effective against the mutating effects of radiation. Food and Chemical Toxicology published another Spanish study, which demonstrated Rosemary’s ability to protect the skin against free-radical damage. 

 Fresh Rosemary added to your meals is great, and though there are supplements available, if you must supplement Rosemary in your diet it’s best to do so with an Essential Oil Mist, which can be taken internally or externally.

 Carnosic and rosmarinic acids found in rosemary are fat-soluble, which means they get stored in the fatty part of our cells and act as a protective barrier against the mutating effects of gamma rays.  Likewise, they stimulate the body’s ability to protect itself naturally.  This Mediterranean plant provides 3.34 times more protection than    any other plant compounds measured as part of the micro-nucleus testing.

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