Hawaiian Turmeric Essential Oil Mist


(Tumeric Curcuma Longa) works wonders for disinfecting cuts and burns and is a potent anti-inflammatory for arthritic conditions. It also works as a natural painkiller and liver detoxifier. As an amyloidal inhibitor it has been found to remove build up in the brain that causes the slow onset of Alzheimer’s disease, as well as aiding in the treatment of cancers and childhood leukemia. Also, long ago the Chinese found turmeric to be a remedy for depression.  Relieves Arsenic poisoning.

Product Information

Hawai’i Island is the source of all the plants we use in our Essential Oil Mists.  We source only organically- grown materials with the greatest respect for our ‘Aina (land) to offer the finest produc

ts Nature has to offer.

Each essential hydrosol is stored in a special dispenser of Miron dark violet glass.  Dark violet glass is unsurpassed in preserving and enhancing the life and power of vibrational living products, including herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, cosmetics, elixirs and of course, hydrosols!

A dark violet glass of correct thickness and darkness effectively refines and preserves the morphogenic (form-shaping) subtle energy fields of any organic material.

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