Functioning as a charitable Non-Profit 501(c)3 in the State of Hawaii, the Sanctuary of Mana Ke’a Gardens offers education and restoration as the building blocks of a better tomorrow.

We are current members of the Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers, Amy. B. H. Greenwell Ethnobotanic Gardens, New Thought Center Hawai`i, Conscious Business Network, Hawai’i Agritourism Association, Ho`oulu Farmers Market, Hawai’i Green Initiative, etc.

We sponsor festivals and events to inspire  and support our local communities.        Promotion of events vents such as the Annual Big Island of Hawai’i Avocado Festival, Mango Festival, Annual Feed The Children, Hawai`i Island Ka`u Food Forest Project, Vedic Cultural Arts, Vegan Aloha, Seasonal Community Celebrations, Lifestyle Lectures, Conscious Community Cinemas and Fundraisers.

Your donations fund a unique, peaceful and vital variety of activities that raise organic and conscious awareness such as:

  • Free Annual Hawai’i Avocado & Mango Festivals
  • Annual Feed The Children Christmas Event
  • Vedic Healing Cultural Arts
  • Vegan Aloha
  • Hawai`i Island Ka`u Food Forest Project
  • Green Market Festivals and Swap meets
  • School and Community Charitable Fundraisers
  • Conscious Community Business Network
  • Sustainable Education Workshops and Seminars 
  • Organic Farming techniques and demonstrations
  • Research and Development of using organic bio fuels
  • Organic sustainability progarms such as Edible Food Gardens, Rainwater Catchment Designs and Renewable Energy Systems
  • Pure Water for Agricultural uses
  • Developing therapeutic grade  extracts from Hawaiian  plants.
  • Demonstration of  Reduce, Reuse & Recycle                                                   The Sanctuary of Mana Ke’a Gardens provides a passionate remembrance into the forgotten dream of a productive, prosperous and a peace filled humanity.


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