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8 thoughts on “CONTACT US”

  1. Hi Randyl, Just saw that you have more of the precious oil. I get back to Hawaii hopefully Saturday night. Hope to see you at Sundays farmers market. Jeff

  2. Aloha Randy!

    We spoke recently and you were quite busy so we never finished our conversation.
    Would you please send me applications for this years Avocado & Mango Festivals?
    Mucho Mahalo!
    Lisa Kingry

  3. Hi, my dear friend who is an artist in Hawaii sent me a link to your website. So here I sit in the main land being encouraged simply by your home page.

    Buckle your seat belts.. feel the energy move thru!


  4. Randy, can you offer help with some health problems problems? I have lime illness that went undiagnosed for several years and last yearthat I got under control. I am very weak pain goes from one part of my body to another suddenly my bones will feel like rocks,back neck head joint pain then will go to stomachI headaches and eyes. .essential oilsi what I am looking forand any other suggestions are welcome. I am now vegetarian was eagan I did you eat greek yogurt along time ago I was a rough food vegetarianunder much stress that is difficult to

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