9th Annual Avocado Festival – Saturday, February 21, 2015

We are happy to announce that the 9th Annual Avocado Festival will be held on February 21, 2015 from 10:00 am – 5:00 pm.

This community event is free to the public.

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Vendor Application form is available from the link below:


See you all there!


Project CBD – cannabinoids and CBD oil info

Project CBD website has a wealth of information, including the effects of CBD oil on various bodily conditions, with direct references to studies published on gov’s PubMed:

We, at Hawaiian Wellness, will also continue to update our information on CBD oil through the menu link on the left:


How WHOLE Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain

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How WHOLE Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain

How Whole Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain

Long considered impossible to accomplish, new research reveals how a simple spice might contribute to the regeneration of the damaged brain.

Turmeric is hands down one of the, if not the, most versatile healing spice in the world with over 600 experimentally confirmed health benefits, and an ancient history filled with deep reverence for itsseemingly compassionate power to alleviate human suffering.

But, most of the focus over the past decade has been centered on only one of its many hundreds of phytocompounds: namely, the primary polyphenol in turmeric known as curcumin which gives the spice its richly golden hue.  This curcumin-centric focus has lead to the development of some very good products, such as phospholipid bound curcumin concentrate (e.g. Meriva, BCM-95) which greatly helps to increase the absorption and bio-activity of curcumin. But, curcumin isolates are only capable of conferring a part of turmeric’s therapeutic power – and therein lies the limitation and hubris of the dominant ‘isolate the active ingredient’ model.

Indeed, it has become typical within the so-called nutraceutical industry to emulate the pharmaceutical model, which focuses on identifying a particular “monochemical” tree within the forest of complexity represented by each botanical agent, striving to standardize the delivery of each purported ‘active ingredient’ with each serving, as if it were a pharmaceutical drug. These extraction and isolation processes also generates proprietary formulas which are what manufacturers want to differentiate their product from all others and henceforth capture a larger part of the market share; a value proposition that serves the manufacturer and not the consumer/patient.

Truth be told, there is no singular ‘magic bullet’ in foods and herbs responsible for reproducing the whole plant’s healing power.  There are, in fact, in most healing plants or foods hundreds of compounds orchestrated by the intelligent ‘invisible hand’ of God or ‘Nature,’ or whatever you wish to call it, and which can never be reduced to the activity of a singularly quantifiable phytocompound or chemical.

Beyond The Curcumin ‘Magic Bullet’ Meme

Now, an exciting new study published in the journal Stem Cell Research & Therapy provides additional support for the concept that curcumin alone is not enough to explain the healing power of turmeric as a whole plant. The study found that a little known, fat-soluble component within turmeric – Ar-tumerone – may make “a promising candidate to support regeneration in neurologic disease.”

Titled, “Aromatic-turmerone induces neural stem cell proliferation in vitro and in vivo,” German researchers evaluated the effects of this turmeric-derived compound on neural stem cells (NSCs) – the subgroup of brain cells capable of continuous self-renewal required for brain repair.

The study found that when brain cells were exposed to ar-tumerone, neural stem cells increased in number through enhanced proliferation. Moreover, these newly formed neural stem cells also increased the number of fully differentiated neuronal cells, indicating a healing effect was taking place. This effect was also observed in a live animal model, showing that rats injected with ar-tumerone into their brains experienced increases in neural stem cell proliferation and the creation of newly formed healthy brain cells.

This study did not go unnoticed by major medical news channels. Here are some good reviews if you wish to explore the implications in greater depth:

The GreenMedInfo.com Turmeric Database Confirms It’s Brain-Saving Power!

As you may already know, our database is the world’s most extensive open access natural medical database on over 1,800 different natural substances, with over 1600 study abstracts on turmeric’s healing properties indexed thus far: view the Turmeric research page here to view!  If you take a look at the laundry list of over 600 diseases that this spice (or its components, e.g. curcumin) has been studied for to prevent and/or treat, the sheer volume of supportive literature is astounding. Amazingly, we have identified over 180 physiological pathways – according to their conventional pharmacological characterization, e.g. COX-2 inhibitor, Interleukin 6 down-regulator – by which turmeric or its components heals the human body.  In addition, you will find over 100 articles on turmeric’s neuroprotective properties on this page: Turmeric as a Neuroprotective agent.

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Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.

Water Filters: Why The Sanctuary Uses Doulton

Doulton water filterEvery one who visits the Sanctuary always comments on how pure our water tastes. We filter our water using Doulton ceramic filters, which are held to the highest standards of water filtration. Because all of our water is from rain catchment, it’s important for the Sanctuary to maintain a commitment to a higher standard of drinking water.

The demand for in-home water filtration has risen higher than ever with the increase of treatments and chemicals in city water. 41% of children exhibit signs of fluorosis according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control).

Doulton has been making ceramic filters for over 175 years. They are renowned for their strict quality control,

  • Manafactured in UK to ISO-9001 standards, the highest certification available.
  • Certified by the European WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory sScheme), which has higher standards than the United States.
  • NGOs around the globe, like Unicef and Red Cross, trust Doulton filters.
  • Doulton supports organizations like AQUA-AID and Lifewater, so your money goes towards someone in need. 1.7 billion children in the world do not have access to clean drinking water.
  • Silver is embedded into the ceramic, which guarantees silver will not come out in your final product unlike impregnated silver filters. The silver causes the filter to be self-sterilizing and bacteriostatic, which means bacteria cannot grow on the filter.
  • Ion exchange resin designed for reduction of lead. NSF Standard #42 and #53 certified for reduction of lead.

Ceramic water filters are a flexible solution to drinking water issues. They are simple to use and environmentally friendly, manufactured from exclusively natural materials, and the filters are washable which gives them a longer lifespan.

If you are interested in the cleanest filtration system available for your home and family, please see our available Doulton water filters.

Turmeric Oil & Hydrosol Benefits

Over 1,500 peer reviewed scientific studies on turmeric have been published to Pubmed.  


Many of the studies reveal the benefits of turmeric extract, curcumin on human ailments.  Unfortunately, curcumin is quite difficult for the human body to assimilate.   Recent studies are also revealing the beneficial results of distilled whole turmeric oil as well as other water soluble components to be safe, effective and readily assimilable.

Sanctuary of Mana Ke`a Essential Oil Hydrosol is free of the deep yellow/orange color of curcumin and can be applied topically on the skin, misted into the mouth or as a nasal spray application.  These delivery methods are quite effective as they go directly into the bloodstream circumventing the typical swallow a pill and wait hours for digestion to breakdown, absorb and eventually assimilate only 20% of the original product.

Please take the opportunity to experience one of the best natural products in the market.


Healthy Super Orange Smoothie Recipe

I love fresh-squeezed orange juice, it’s such a sweet energy booster! I went a little crazy and picked a few too many oranges when preparing for today’s farmer’s market, so I decided to whip up a delicious orange smoothie and share the results with you.

This tasty beverage includes the additional ingredients of turmeric, ginger and coconut oil. All three of these are celebrated for their myriad health benefits, and it’s a good idea to get a little of each into your diet each day. Turmeric, admittedly, has a bit of a bitter taste so you have to exercise a bit of creativity when it comes to working it into recipes that don’t include the word “curry”.

Bitter taste alone isn’t a good enough reason to pass on the exotic spices, however. The health benefits of turmeric are plentiful, not just for its antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Studies have also shown turmeric plays a significant role in fighting multiple types of cancer cells, including prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Orange Super Smoothie:

  • 6 Oranges, juiced
  • 1 tablespoon Coconut Oil
  • 1 tablespoon liquid sweetener of choice (optional)
  • 1 tablespoon fresh turmeric, grated or juiced
  • ginger (to taste)

After juicing oranges, toss all ingredients into a blender and blend till smooth and frothy. A dash of almond milk, organic vanilla extract, and ice cubes added to the blended will help you whip up a satisfying and healthy variation of an Orange Julius.

Not everyone likes the taste of ginger, or turmeric for that matter, so adjust these ingredients according to your personal preference, but do be sure to include just a little bit for the amazing health benefits they bring to this delicious drink. The best method for getting a potent, daily dose of the health benefits of turmeric is to use it in the form of an essential oil hydrosol.

We have exacting standards in our organic practices here at the Sanctuary of Mana Ke’a Gardens. We always use the highest quality equipment and ingredients, including our ceramic water filters and earth-friendly methods. You won’t find a better essential oil hydrosol anywhere else!